TREMENDO established 1996.

GRUPO TREMENDO started with some friends getting together to play music. It was in the early 1996 after being with Misterio Juan B., Luis M., and Juan Pablo Ramos joined some friends in Roma, TX to be part of new group. TREMENDO. In 1996 was the early start of TREMENDO.

After a gig in December 1997, 4 member of the band separated to go their own way, except for Juan Pablo Ramos, who stayed with the name TREMENDO.

Since 1996 Juan Pablo has been around the state and internationally promoting his music. It has been a roller coaster ride of ups and downs but he has survived past many obstacles to bring forth his music. With Juan P.’s style of playing the accordion it is sure to amaze anyone who likes South Texas music.

Juan Pablo Ramos was born in Rio Grande City, TX on 1979. At the age of 13 he started playing the accordion making many people dance to his tunes. One of Juan Pablo’s attributes is getting close to his fans. He plays the accordion to many people on the dance floor so that people can admire his singing and playing. This has been a trademark for TREMENDO.

A variety of music is performed at the shows of GRUPO TREMENDO. Polkas and Rancheras are the foundation of their music. Then you have the rhythmic cumbias from the native region areas. TREMENDO incorporates the cumbia to there own style of playing. Apart from this no one can forget the chotiz, redovas, valciadas, boleros, and huapangos that TREMENDO performs live at their events. As TREMENDO keeps on the legacy of promoting their music, they will continue doing what is best to fulfill the needs of the fans. This has been only the beginning for TREMENDO. The very best is still yet to come.

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